Celebrating My One Year Studio Anniversary

June 1st 2015 marks one year since the doors opened to my Studio … and what a whirlwind it has been.

Aside from obvious ‘bite the bullet’ nerves about taking on commercial property, retail space and the resulting monthly rent obligations … I definitely felt quite overwhelmed at the prospect of  officially going back to work.  No more  ‘I don’t feel like doing that right now’ !  I have bills to pay, supplies to buy, marketing to do … and hopefully sessions to book!

It took time to find a location, and then coordination of remodeling as the space was previously a tanning salon.  Tanning booths and interior walls needed to be removed, spray tan was literally EVERYWHERE, windows were cracked and the bathroom … well, perhaps we wont go there!  I saved one tanning booth to be used as a store room.  The floor was taken up from that last booth and used to patch the holes in the floor from where the other booths were removed.  We installed a couple boxes of new flooring in the closet – it doesn’t match, but no-one sees it except me!

The walls and ceiling had to be chemically sealed because spray tan kept leaching throw.  Painting costs were the single largest investment I made in the renovation.

After weeks of hard work, the space was transformed.  I couldn’t believe how light and bright it was – and quite honestly, I was relieved.  My family were wonderful – helping me bring all my gear from the home Studio to the new location.  My husband put up shelves and hooks, fixed lights, and solved endless tiny problems that I couldn’t even begin to figure out!

On June 1st 2014 the Studio was officially open for business, with the first new client coming in just 3 days later.

A year on, I am so happy with the location.  Even on the dullest day, it is light, bright and airy.  Having my own private bathroom is super convenient for my clients, giving them privacy to change clothing if needed.  The 800 square feet space is perfect!

During the first year I have held many classes in the Studio!  I hosted a teen makeup party, several Boudoir shoots … and I’ve lost count of the number of family and business Studio sessions!  We’ve had trick-or-treaters, Art show visitors and many well-wishers glad to see the space transformed after being empty for several years.

Thank you everyone for your endless support.  Keep shopping local … it helps keep our community diverse with creative and innovative businesses!

Year two is going to be AMAZING!