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My Photo Session With Sue

By Cindy Carroll, RD, LDN, RN

I love taking photos—in fact being a photographer is on my list of dream second careers. Capturing a great image of a person, place or thing is just as the saying goes—“worth a thousand words.” I’m not so crazy, however, about being on the other end of the lens. I’m not so bad that my kids are motherless in our family photos, but I much prefer to be the one saying, “smile”. I’ve never thought of myself as photogenic and I also believe photos are quite personal and intimate. With our cavalier, “selfie” social media world and photos popping up where we might not what them, I guess I was in my own little camera cautious world.

Owning a small business and marketing that small business requires putting yourself out there, photo and all. In a way, the first time your prospective client meets you is with your photo. I’m a nutritionist/dietitian and registered nurse. I love what I do and love helping people get healthy. Having recently written a book and in designing the cover, I was told right away, — leave space for your photo. I guess that was really the moment I realized that my tendency to be a low profile person was not going to fly. If I’m going to do my part in getting my message out, it’s time to loosen up my photo image. Searching for an acceptable picture of myself to use for my book and website was futile. Time to set up a “photo session” –ugh! And have a professional take charge.

How lucky was I to find Sue Bruce! From the moment we met, I had a positive feeling—that it actually might be fun. An exceptional photographer requires not only knowledge of lighting and shutter speed etc. but also an intuitive sense of the subject. It is a delicate balance between commanding the camera and photo session with letting the subject move and behave with ease. Subject anxiety and the camera is not a good match. My photo session with Sue was easy from beginning to end. She coordinates the “support people” who help you look photo friendly—hair, makeup etc. and it becomes a fun day of pampering. The actual picture taking part was easier than I anticipated too, mainly because of Sue’s expertise. Sue is an exceptional photographer. Her warm and encouraging way finds your camera friendly side. You don’t even realize how much she’s “clicking” away and before you know it, you have lots of “rough drafts” to choose from. She is able to work indoors or outdoors, you choose the setting. I highly recommend Sue for anyone wanting a photo taken for professional or personal reasons. She’s made the world of getting a professional photograph much more inviting. No doubt, I will be a return customer.

Cindy Carroll and Nutrition To Fit You: I practice as a functional/integrative medicine practitioner and specialize in digestive and cardiovascular health. Functional medicine allows you to look at the human body as systems, organs and cells working together–all connected.   When things go wrong, it is really like a puzzle and understanding how to connect the pieces. Almost always the pieces start with correcting/healing a disgruntled GI tract. Our micro biome or “bugs” that live inside us really run the show and correcting their imbalances are a big start to healing. Thank you to Sue Bruce for allowing me to share my fun photo session with you and the opportunity to share my book and practice.

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