My Mum

It was so difficult to write this, because it is ‘my’ daughter who is the Photographer!

She lives an ocean away from me, across the Atlantic (has done for almost 20 years) and suggested that as part of our most recent visit, I might like to have a makeover.

I am a 68 year old grandmother, with 5 grand-children.  When I look in the mirror every morning, I see an elderly lady with tinted hair, wrinkles, poor skin and declining self confidence. I was eager to accept her invitation, but concerned that the camera does not lie.

How wrong could I be.

My hair was the first challenge,  A very talented hair stylist (Janelle, Philip Ciampa Salons) worked on my dry, frizzy hair and turned it into a luxurious, youthful, modern style… my transformation had started. I felt so relaxed.

The next mountain to climb was for the make-up Artist (Torrie) to transform my face. This was an amazing experience and the results were absolutely stunning – I felt like my younger self again.

Next came the photography session. It was great fun, amazing and I felt happy and confident in myself that the lens was looking at my younger self.  I even danced in the Studio to music from my era – I felt so relaxed.

This was one very special day out of my ordinary life. The photos are truly incredible, a glimpse for me  of how I saw myself many years ago.  I realize it’s still there … perhaps the camera does lie after all !!!

This was the best present EVER!

NOTE FROM THE PHOTOGRAPHER (yes, ‘the daughter’ !!  LOL):  I wanted my Mum to experience what others had already.  Even to be doubtful at first, but then understand the full experience … relax into it, and finally see the results, and how this experience physically changed her face, and relaxed her, and became an experience she would remember forever.  Love this time with my Mum!  I will treasure these photos for ever!