Why every woman should do a Boudoir session

I have been a Photographer for over 10 years, photographing families, individuals, business men and women, CEOs, children, infants, pets, architecture, interiors, real estate and products galore, including fine art … however there is nothing more incredible than designing and planning for a Boudoir session.

Let me help you understand what Boudoir Photography means to me …

Boudoir Backdrop The word “Boudoir” is French, meaning a woman’s private room or bedroom – a private retreat.  Boudoir photography is not a new concept – stars such as Mae West and Jean Harlow (amongst many others) were photographed in this style during the 1920s and 30s; earlier examples of similar imagery from the 1800s also exist … and even back into ancient times, similar works of art and portrayals are well known.  As with any art trend, its popularity has gone up and down over the decades, however it is currently one of the most popular genres of photography, and its popularity is growing across all age groups but especially the 40-70 age range.


Don’t be fooled by any trash talk you may read when researching this subject.  In my opinion, it’s not necessarily about lingerie, or nudity.  It is more about creating a seductive and enchanting way of posing a subject that invokes powerful feelings from the intended viewer. In my experience, the most impactful images are those that hint at sensuality rather than reveal it all front & center!  You can wear evening dress, nightwear … what ever you like, what ever appeals to you (or your special someone).

Saana 23 bw 2 mark

It’s almost more about how the images make the viewer feel.  Sometimes the sole viewer is the person who commissioned the session.

If this genre of Photography were simple to create, I’m sure we’d all be doing mini-sessions at home with our cell phones … but it’s just not that easy.  If your reading this blog post, you’ve undoubtedly laid down on chaise or bed and attempted to take a few selfies.  How did that work?  The art of posing a client to build a beautiful Boudoir collection takes time, experience, expertise and practice; and confident knowledge in that moment of how to pose an individual in a way that translates perfectly on film.

Yes, it’s hard work …

Even if you are in the best shape of your life … this session will be tiring!  To create the perfect images, you’ll have to hold your position, move your limbs in ways you would never have imagined … and all in combination with any number of the following actions … angled head, pointed toes, shoulders back, boobs out, hips popped and booty up and out like never before!

But rest assured, even before you see ONE image, you will feel so free and liberated.  You have likely never imagined or seen yourself this way.  Be prepared for this experience to change how you see yourself for ever.  

KM 05 mark

My style of Boudoir photography is fairly classic.  I plan every session (and every session is very different).  I accommodate special colors, themes or likes.  Many people incorporate sports teams, flowers, jewelry (strings of pearls, crystals) and sometimes quite intimate details. It is not unusual to feature an engagement ring, shoes or other meaningful gifts … even clothing, accessories, or military wear.

All sessions include a professional makeup artist …  

Makeup for film is very different from everyday makeup.  Even if you are quite accomplished at your own look, a professional artist understands how light reflects off skin and contours, working to enhance your best features and minimize lines and imperfections (which we all have!).  99% of us wouldn’t even know where to start to invest in the cosmetic paraphernalia needed to create a perfect polished look … and why would you!?  Hire a professional!

Hair stylists are included in all but our economy package.  Enjoy your day.  Relax.  Let us take care of everything for you!  Even parking is free and off-road.  The Studio is not overlooked, and our private restroom means you can change outfits in privacy.  All services (hair, makeup and your session) are in the same building.


Arrive.  Relax.  Enjoy.  Leave feeling and looking amazing …

Our books and albums are hand-designed by me.  I am a stickler for attention to detail.  You will receive proofs, and nothing will go to print until you are happy.

Please allow a minimum of 6 weeks if you are creating a gift.  Sessions include an in-studio consultation, time for planning, the session itself (with makeup and hair depending on package), editing & post-production, album/book design and printing … and then collection / delivery.  This takes time.  Don’t rush.

KM 30 mark

Inquisitive … but maybe a bit embarrassed?

I’m a Mom.  I’ve had 2 children.  This is my job.  I’m thinking you probably have similar body bits to me and my other clients.   I will make sure you have a robe to put on during the session.  You will have a private changing room and bathroom.  The Studio will be warm so you feel comfortable.  Your privacy is my utmost concern, and unless you sign a contract stating that I can share images … I WILL NOT.

You are never too old to discover a new you …

I work with brides creating a unique wedding-day gift for their intended … and also with Sisters, Moms, Aunty’s, Grandmother’s, Cousins … and YOU.  Gift yourself an amazing experience.

This is fun …

Be yourself.  Dance.  Laugh.  Let me wave my magic wand.

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Book your session …

Payment plans available.

We offer only the very best and highest quality albums, prints and products.

Empower yourself … You’ve never looked better

One client wrote …

“What a thrill of a lifetime!!!!  I just turned 50 and realized I’m not getting any younger, and it was high time to capture everything I have going for me.  I have never been photogenic but definitely have a fun-loving spirit and can be a bit naughty (but in a good way!).


Sue made all the arrangements – all I needed to do was to show up.


My day started with two hours of indulgent pampering.  I felt like a million bucks!  First in the chair of talented young hairstylist, Sara, at award-winning Philip Ciampa; followed by a masterful make-up application with makeup artist, Kristina, at Flawless Makeup Company. Both of them respected my wish to maintain a down-to-earth natural look.


The real magic happened with Sue in the studio.


From the outset, she was incredibly skilled and talented; she teased the inner beauty out of me and captured everything at the right moment.  I felt totally at ease, and every possible need I had, was taken care of.


It was the best four hours I have spent for a very long time.  I walked out of the studio feeling 10 feet tall.


These are the absolute best photographs ever taken of me.


I love and adore you Sue — let’s do it again!”


Saana 12 mark

Sorry … no Dudoir!  Ladies only!

Contact me today … schedule your session … discover a new you.


Respectfully I don’t photograph nudes, dudes or young ladies under 20.

Session fees are due at the time of booking.  ALL clients sign contracts.

I reserve the right to accept or decline clients at any time for my own safety, and that of my service providers.